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Re: Openldap version (proxy cache) - results

>> 1. The first query (that is cachable) returns an extra attribute
> Quite odd, I remember fixing that bug some time ago (attributes in the
> filter get added to the request to the remote server to allow further
> local filtering on cached entries, but they shouldn't be returned).  Maybe
> the fix was not completely backported to 2.2, or not ported at all; I'll
> check.

I confirm the fix is in 2.3 but not in 2.2 (essentially, I guess, because
it was not the result of an ITS but rather of some development in the
area).  If you can live with a patched build, get the diff between 1.31
and 1.32 of servers/slapd/overlays/pcache.c from the CVS, otherwise I
suggest you file an ITS.


Pierangelo Masarati

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