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Best book on OpenLDAP SysAdmin?

I'm going to buy my first book on OpenLDAP System Administration. Before 
spending several euros at Amazon's, I would be happy to hear the opinion of 
some more experienced user.

My O'Reilly/Unix imprinting would lead me to buy "LDAP System Administration" 
by Gerald Carter (O'Reilly). It seems to be clear, exhaustive and well 
organized. Unfortunatley, I have seen that a few Amazon readers liquidate 
this book as a "bunch of well-known stuff collected on the Net".

A good alternative seems to be "Deploying OpenLDAP" by Tom Jackiewicz 
(APress). This books seems to be very specific of OpenLDAP and more detailed 
than Carter's. Despite the very good reviews I have read at Amazon's, I still 
have the feeling that this book is not as well organized as Carter's.

Another good choice seems to be "The ABCs of LDAP: How to Install, Run, and 
Administer LDAP Services" by Reinhard Voglmaier. Unfortunatley, I was able to 
find just one review on the Net and I would like to hear a few more opinions 
on it before buying.

Finally, I'll probably buy "Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory 
Services" by Timothy Howes, Mark Smith et others, just because I need an 
introductory book that deal with database design/creation and other 
high-level topics. Anyway, this is a different matter than SysAdmin.

Do you have read these books?
What do you think of them?
Which one is best?
Any other book to suggest?

(I'm a OpenLDAP Beginner but I already have set up a small working system and 
I have read a few guides and tutorials taken from the Net, so the very new-by 
stuff could probably be avoided. I'm not interested in any other LDAP system 
but OpenLDAP)

Many thanks in advance for your attention.

Alessandro Bottoni