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Re: Best book on OpenLDAP SysAdmin?

Il giorno 17/feb/05, alle 09:58, Alessandro Bottoni ha scritto:
My O'Reilly/Unix imprinting would lead me to buy "LDAP System Administration"
by Gerald Carter (O'Reilly). It seems to be clear, exhaustive and well
organized. Unfortunatley, I have seen that a few Amazon readers liquidate
this book as a "bunch of well-known stuff collected on the Net".

I agree with opinion of these Amazon readers, I don't think that's a good book,
despite of O'Reilly fame.

A good alternative seems to be "Deploying OpenLDAP" by Tom Jackiewicz
(APress). This books seems to be very specific of OpenLDAP and more detailed
than Carter's. Despite the very good reviews I have read at Amazon's, I still
have the feeling that this book is not as well organized as Carter's.

I bought this book and I think it's very useful for LDAP system administration, it's
very detailed about major problems you can find while configuring OpenLDAP.

Another good choice seems to be "The ABCs of LDAP: How to Install, Run, and
Administer LDAP Services" by Reinhard Voglmaier. Unfortunatley, I was able to
find just one review on the Net and I would like to hear a few more opinions
on it before buying.

I don't know this book, sorry

Finally, I'll probably buy "Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory
Services" by Timothy Howes, Mark Smith et others, just because I need an
introductory book that deal with database design/creation and other
high-level topics. Anyway, this is a different matter than SysAdmin.

I also bought this book, it's a very good book, maybe too much theoric but
you can learn LDAP basis trough that book, for example if you don't know
what's binding, or how work SASL, or so much other things like referral, etc.

If you want necessary theoric knowledge of OpenLDAP protocol and
operations you could buy "Deploying OpenLDAP", else, if you want to know
deeply OpenLDAP protocol buy "Understanding and Deplying LDAP Directory
Services" and also read RFC documents about LDAP Protocol.

Ciao, Antonio