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Re: Library compatibility 2.1x 2.2.x / Digest-MD5 SASL binds


Thanks for all your tips. I'll certainly try the Debian package solution, if I 
find that libldap2 is not needed otherwise.

Currently I installed a /usr/local version and it runs perfectly.

However, the main reason for all the fuzz had been that I get deadlocks when 
trying Digest-MD5 SASL binds. The 2.2.23 slapd does not flood the logs with 
connection attempts and seems to properly time-out. Beyond that, it seems to 
be more verbose concerning the SASL stuff. Still, it does not work.

I'll investigate the reason tonight, and probanly I'll raise other questions, 
either here or on cyrus-sasl.

Thanks so far,
 - lars.