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Library compatibility 2.1x 2.2.x


since I had a couple of problems getting the Debian OpenLDAP 2.1.30 to work 
with TLS, I decided to build my own package. Well, it's all quite homebrew, 
but it seems I'm almost there.

However, my package will replace the old libldap2 package containing 
liblber.so, libldap.so, libldap_r.so (2.0.130) and the ucdata, with the 
current -2.2.so.7.0.16 versions. 

My idea is to establish links from libxxx-2.2.so.7 to libxxx.so.2, in order to 
provide libraries to other packages (pam_ldap, ldap_nss, etc.) Are there any 
issues why applications linked to .so.2 should break when linked to .so.7?
If so, will the so.2 libs understand the ucdata shipped with the current 
What are the ucdata though?

Lots of questions,
 - lars.