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Index rebuild

I ran a openldap-servers-2.0.25, i have some problem with my database ldiff-error(80) entry strore failed.
I rebuild the index via slapindex -f /etc/openldap.slapd.conf who contains the following Indices to maintain :

	#index	objectClass				eq
	index	objectClass,uid,uidNumber,gidNumber	eq
	index	cn,mail,surname,givenname		eq,subinitial

But when i saw in the directory i have only this index
(I, of course, chown the directory with ldap:ldap)

-rwx------    1 ldap     ldap       118784 fév 14 17:52 cn.dbb*
-rwx------    1 ldap     ldap        81920 fév 14 17:52 dn2id.dbb*
-rwx------    1 ldap     ldap       143360 fév 14 17:51 id2entry.dbb*
-rwx------    1 ldap     ldap       184320 fév 14 17:52 mail.dbb*
-rwx------    1 ldap     ldap         8192 fév 14 17:52 nextid.dbb*
-rwx------    1 ldap     ldap        16384 fév 14 17:52 objectClass.dbb*

It seems to miss some index and i cannot add some entry to my database, i have always the same error
ldiff-error(80) entry strore failed

Any advice ?