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Re: Upgrading OpenLDAP, problem with data (no structural object class).

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Dusty Doris wrote:
| On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Andrew McCall wrote:
|>Hi Folks,
|>In upgrading my OpenLDAP to an earlier version, I have realised how
|>"incorrect" the data is in it, and am now sifting through about 3000
|>entries to try and stuff the contents back in it!  One of the problems
|>I am having is where I have the following type of entry:
|>dn: cn=Web Content Administrators,o=oldhammbc, c=uk
|>cn: Web Content Administrators
|>objectClass: top
|>objectClass: qmailUser
|>qmailUID: 503
|>qmailGID: 507
|>accountStatus: active
|>deliveryMode: forwardonly
|>mail: XX.XXX.XXXXXXX@oldham.gov.uk
|>mailForwardingAddress: XX.XXX.XXXXXXX@oldham.gov.uk
|>subschemaSubentry: cn=Subschema
|>This is incorrect as it has no structural object class and I am
|>getting the following error when I try to add the entry "slapadd:
|>dn="cn=Web Content Administrators,o=oldhammbc,c=uk" (line=38): (65) no
|>structural object class provided"
|>I don't need any of the data in inetOrgPerson, or
|>organizationalPerson, so how can I make accounts like this go into the
|>LDAP?  Can I change the qmailUser schema so that it is a structural
|>object class?
|>Or could I create a new qmailForwardUser.schema that allows this type
|>of account and add that to every "forward" account?
| You're already using cn, so you could use the person objectclass.  It only
| requires cn and sn.  You could just make sn, the same as cn.

Which is what we said on #ldap ... including providing a sample perl
script to do it ...

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