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Re: eduOrg schema and OpenLDAP

At 07:16 AM 2/14/2005, Matthew J. Smith wrote:
>Does anyone use the eduCause schema for the eduOrg objectclass (and
>attributes) under OpenLDAP?  Including the schema in OpenLDAP 2.2.23, I
>get the following errors (repeated for each attribute):
>/etc/openldap/schema/eduorg.schema: line 5: AttributeType inappropriate
>matching rule: "caseExactIA5Match"
>The objectclass and attributetypes are defined here:
>I believe the conflict lies in the use of "SYNTAX
>" (DirectoryString ?) with "EQUALITY
>caseExactIA5Match".  Should OpenLDAP allow this matching rule for this

No.  OpenLDAP doesn't implement IA5 matching against Directory
String attribute values as IA5 matching was to be used in matching
against IA5 attribute values and there is no specification detailing
how various IA5 rules are to behave when operating against directory

>or is the schema definition broken?

IMO, yes.  I suggest you report a bug to EduCause.