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Re: missing libcrypto?

Seems like a question better directed to Mandrake folks....


At 11:40 AM 1/31/2005, alessandro bottoni wrote:
>I just installed OpenLDAP on Mandrake 10.1 (it is up and running, already) and  
>I'm trying to install one of the many graphic clients available on the Net.
>Of course, every one of these clients require the OpenLDAP client developer 
>library (that is: the client headers and other related files). Mandrake has a 
>specific package that contains this stuff (openldap-devel) but RPMDrake 
>refuses to install it because a misterious "develop(libcrypto)" is missing. 
>Yes: it says "develop(libcrypto)", not "libcrypto-devel" or "gpg-devel"!
>Can anybody figure out what could be this weird "develop(libcrypto)" package?
>(BTW: I have both the standard libcrypto and the GPGcrypto packages installed 
>on my machine).
>Many thanks for you attention
>Alessandro Bottoni