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missing libcrypto?

I just installed OpenLDAP on Mandrake 10.1 (it is up and running, already) and  
I'm trying to install one of the many graphic clients available on the Net.

Of course, every one of these clients require the OpenLDAP client developer 
library (that is: the client headers and other related files). Mandrake has a 
specific package that contains this stuff (openldap-devel) but RPMDrake 
refuses to install it because a misterious "develop(libcrypto)" is missing. 
Yes: it says "develop(libcrypto)", not "libcrypto-devel" or "gpg-devel"!

Can anybody figure out what could be this weird "develop(libcrypto)" package?

(BTW: I have both the standard libcrypto and the GPGcrypto packages installed 
on my machine).

Many thanks for you attention

Alessandro Bottoni