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Remote LDAP Lookups

I am trying to provide my end users with information from an additional
LDAP server via my OpenLDAP server.  Unfortunately, I get the error
"result: 32 No such object"

How can I achieve this?

What I have done so far in my slapd.conf file:

      database    meta
      suffix            "o=CushWake"
      uri         "ldap://servername.cushwake.com/";

And I have done this in my slapd.conf file:

      database    ldap
      suffix            ""
      uri         ldap://servername.cushwake.com/";
      lastmod     off

On my OpenLDAP server I can query the remote LDAP server with the following
command without any problems:

      ldapsearch  -x  -h servername.cushwake.com  -b ''  '(objectclass=*)'