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Re: Remote LDAP Lookups

Thomas_J_Muller@cushwake.com wrote:

I am trying to provide my end users with information from an additional
LDAP server via my OpenLDAP server.  Unfortunately, I get the error
"result: 32 No such object"

How can I achieve this?

What I have done so far in my slapd.conf file:

     database    meta
     suffix            "o=CushWake"
     uri         "ldap://servername.cushwake.com/";

And I have done this in my slapd.conf file:

     database    ldap
     suffix            ""
     uri         ldap://servername.cushwake.com/";
     lastmod     off

On my OpenLDAP server I can query the remote LDAP server with the following command without any problems:

ldapsearch -x -h servername.cushwake.com -b '' '(objectclass=*)'

Likely you hit a bug in back-meta that was fixed in 2.2.20; however, you don't provide enough info to assess it, like the version of the software you're using, or what do you exactly get in response to a search; is noSuchObject all you get, or what?. What's the difference between your slapd.conf and your slapd.conf, I mean what you call your slapd.conf with the "meta" database and what you call your slapd.conf with the "ldap" database?


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