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Re: attributes tag


On Friday 21 January 2005 15:23, Jehan PROCACCIA wrote:
> Any one on this list already use that ? (tags !)

I was tempted to using tags for some attributes to store simplified names
e.g. (This is for demonstration purposes withput the required encodings)

sn: Müller
sn;x-ascii: Mueller

which would have helped us very much in our multi-language environment.
(It is hard to key in Müller if you do not have the umlaut-u on your keyboard)

Unfortunately I found no way to get the value of the base attribute alone
(Müller in the example above) which is necessary for displaying the name 
Querying for sn I always got the two values back without any possibility
to distinguish which value beongs to the bae attribute.

I  don't know If I did something wrong and 

IMHO an extension for the standard is necessary that allows to return only the
base attribute.
Maybe an empty tagged option (for the example above: "sn;" )  can do the trick 
to search for / return only the values of the base attribute.
(I did not test if this already works, it is jast an idea that came to my mind 
while writing this mssage)


Peter Marschall
eMail: peter@adpm.de