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Re: attributes tag

Peter Marschall writes:
> sn: Müller
> sn;x-ascii: Mueller
> which would have helped us very much in our multi-language environment.
> (It is hard to key in Müller if you do not have the umlaut-u on your
> keyboard)
> Unfortunately I found no way to get the value of the base attribute
> alone (Müller in the example above) which is necessary for displaying
> the name correctly.  Querying for sn I always got the two values back
> without any possibility to distinguish which value beongs to the bae
> attribute.

Use  access to attr=name;x-ascii by * =cs
or   ......... attr=sn;x-ascii   ........
as in the ';x-hidden' example in the slapd.conf manpage.
(Subtypes of 'name' are the ones with 'SUP name' in their schema file.)