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Re: Using SecurID for authentication

My two cents maybe off-topic:

> At 10:00 AM 1/19/2005, Howard Chu wrote:
> >Josh wrote:
> >
> >>Has anyone hacked up openldap to authenticate against an ACE SecurID
> >>server rather than using the normal password mechanisms?  My plan was
> >>to implement it much like contrib/slapd-modules/passd/kerberos.c, but if
> >>the work has already been done elsewhere, I'll gladly save myself
> >>the effort.

People will look for ACE SecurID because of the 2-Factor Authentication
it offers, but 2-factor authentication can be achieved with the
OPIE(One-time Password In Everything) that comes as part of the
operating system in freebsd and openbsd, also you have PAM, so
you may want to save the money with a little PAM+LDAP research.

Jose Hidalgo Herrera <jose@hostarica.com>
Corp. Hostarica