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Re: Checkpoint command not working in slapd.conf?

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Howard Chu wrote:

> > Anyway, I couldn't find an ITS on this (I suppose someone will tell me that
> > there is one) so I've submitted a "request for enhancement" (as it's not
> > really a bug) to back-port the 2.3 behaviour - ITS#3492.
> > 
> 2.2 has been feature-frozen for months. Anything that isn't an outright crash
> is not likely to be changed. I would have pushed to get this into 2.2 already
> if I thought it belonged there.

Well, you did ask someone to file an ITS :-)

``As always, your requests for changes should be submitted via ITS so they 
don't get lost.''

Will a request to alter the 2.2 slapd-bdb man page (I'll even do it 
myself) be considered?

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