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Re: Checkpoint command not working in slapd.conf?

--On Tuesday, January 18, 2005 11:41 AM +1100 Dave Horsfall <daveh@ci.com.au> wrote:

OpenLDAP 2.2.17 on FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE (compiled from ports).

I know it's not the latest, but using 2.2.19 is not an option right now.
because it wants a new OpenSSL etc, which will cause "issues".

Actually 2.2.20 is the latest.

Having been bitten by not detecting a corrupt (test) database, I figured
I  may as well set things up properly, including checkpointing.

Extract from slapd.conf:

database        bdb
include         /usr/local/etc/openldap/master.acl
suffix          "dc=au,dc=company,dc=com"
rootdn          XXX
rootpw          XXX
checkpoint      1024 5	<<<----------------------------

directory       /usr/local/openldap-data/au
cachesize       2000

I understand that this means to checkpoint if updates have been performed
since 1024kb or 5 minutes after the last checkpoint (and I assume this
includes since the DB was started, as otherwise it would never checkpoint
at all).

No, they will occur if that much activity has happened since the last write was received (this will be fixed in 2.3 to do what you think it does).

# Size of internal cache; the format is Gb + b, no. caches.
# 4Mb is plenty for our relatively teensy directories.
set_cachesize   0 4194304 1

So, I make a trivial update, observe that the "__db" files and log have
been updated, and twiddle my thumbs for 5 minutes.  Nope.  After 10
minutes, I force a checkpoint with "db_checkpoint".

I do it again, just to be sure.  Below, you can see the forced checkpoint
at 10:17, and the second update at 10:19.

guido:/var/db/openldap-data/au [30]# ls -lt
total 8188
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap   368640 Jan 18 10:19 __db.004
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap  5251072 Jan 18 10:19 __db.002
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap    98304 Jan 18 10:19 __db.003
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap    24576 Jan 18 10:19 __db.005
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap     8192 Jan 18 10:19 __db.001
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap  5539588 Jan 18 10:19 log.0000000001
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap  1392640 Jan 18 10:17 id2entry.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap   327680 Jan 18 09:56 dn2id.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap   110592 Jan 17 13:51 objectClass.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap    24576 Jan 15 16:50 uid.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap    36864 Nov 19 12:34 cn.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap    24576 Nov 18 15:00 employeeNumber.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap    28672 Nov 18 15:00 sn.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap     8192 Nov 18 15:00 ciHost.bdb
-rw-------  1 ldap  ldap    40960 Nov 18 15:00 ciApp.bdb
lrwxrwxr-x  1 root  ldap       12 Oct 27 15:36 DB_CONFIG@ -> ../DB_CONFIG
guido:/var/db/openldap-data/au [30]# date
Tue Jan 18 10:59:17 EST 2005

Yep; 40 minutes later, and it still hasn't checkpointed...  Googling
around turned up nothing relevant, and I even checked the back-bdb
sources  to make sure the option was being picked up (it was) and
txn_checkpoint()  being called after an update (it was).

What dumb thing have I done (or not done)?

Nothing, but if you read the list regularly, this issue has been discussed several times this month. You need to add a checkpoint cron job or something similar until 2.3 is released.


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