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Re: result 32 with backend meta

Arthur Fonzarelli wrote:

I think i've seen this problem posted before, but no solution:

I have openldap running with backend meta pointing to an Active
Directory Global Catalog.
I can bind with my AD dn and password and my queries return results -
however, they always
return a set of objects found and Search : Result <32>: No objects founds
with it....so diag software like ldp and ldapsearch show that the
backend is working
but most client software (OS X Address book, thunderbird ldap client)
don't return any of the results, just the 32 result.

I sniffed the query that openldap made to the GC backend and only see
a Success code returned with the matching objects.  This leads me to
believe that openldap is adding this result to the set returned from
the backend.

Here is my slapd.conf:

<begin config file>

include		/usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema

pidfile /var/run/openldap/slapd.pid argsfile /var/run/openldap/slapd.args

access to *
	by self write
	by users read
	by anonymous auth

backend meta database meta suffix "dc=company,dc=com" lastmod off rebind-as-user uri "ldap://server.name.com:3268/dc=company,dc=com"; default target

</end config file>

I'm running openldap 2.2.15 with sasl on freebsd-5.3

Active Directory is Windows 2003

This is a bug in back-meta and was fixed somewhere between your vesion and 2.2.20, so upgrading should solve your problem. I note that if you're proxying a single remote DSA, as apears from your message, you should use back-ldap, which in this case essentially offers the same functionality, plus more, and appears to be a bit more reliable than back-meta. Switching to back-ldap should fix your problem as well.


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