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Migrated users cannot bind - HELP!

I've migrated my users from Aphelion to OpenLDAP via an LDIF.  I've
confirmed the userPassword's are the same value in both servers.  When I
attempt to bind to the OpenLDAP server, I get error 49 (Invalid

The userPassword for the account I'm testing with looks like this
internally: {CRYPT}oLPFQc

Any ideas of why can't I bind to the OpenLDAP server?

Is it possible Aphelion uses a different crypt() method than OpenLDAP?
Because I created a new user on the OpenLDAP server and set its password to
the same plain text value as the account that won't bind.  That userPassword
looks like this: {CRYPT}5RpLGC8nBNlhw  

I CAN bind to the new account.

IF this helps, I know Aphelion uses DES for encryption per their
documentation. How do I get OpenLDAP to do that?  Or how do I get the
migrated users to bind period?

Please help!  I don't want to make all my users reset their passwords.  

Any thoughts are welcome.