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Re: http://www.nldap.com/

--- Jon Roberts <jon@jonanddeb.net> wrote:

> I believe this is the wrong response. From the
> OpenLDAP software list 
> charter:
> This mailing list is for technical discussions of
> use [sic] topics 
> specific to OpenLDAP Software (as well as JLDAP and
> Since JLDAP came from Novell it appears inaccurate
> to say this list has 
> nothing to do with Novell LDAP offerings. However, I
> would venture a 
> better place to send feedback on www.nldap.com
> accounts might be the 
> link labeled "Feedback" at the bottom of it's home
> page. AFAIK, the 
> Novell test LDAP server has nothing to do with
> OpenLDAP.

I found that link, but have not gotten a reply. I'm
not sure if Novell is supporting or even paying any
attention to that site anymore, now that jldap is on
its own. My eventual goal is to talk to ldap servers,
including windows active directory, from java and it
has proven difficult to find one source of
inforamation to what seems to be a three part
solution, Novell jldap, openldap, and windows active

I'm relatively sure someone has used jldap or
something like it to validate users in active
directory. I'm just trying to find an example.