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Re: http://www.nldap.com/

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I have downloaded jldap from Novell, and I'm trying to
get a minimal example working so I can start figuring
this stuff out.

I tried creating an account on http://www.nldap.com/
and was given a password, but I cannot even connect
using the ftp services test site with the given
context and password.
I believe you are on the wrong mailing list. This list is for OpenLDAP and has nothing to do with Novell or their LDAP offerings...

I believe this is the wrong response. From the OpenLDAP software list charter:

This mailing list is for technical discussions of use [sic] topics specific to OpenLDAP Software (as well as JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP).

Since JLDAP came from Novell it appears inaccurate to say this list has nothing to do with Novell LDAP offerings. However, I would venture a better place to send feedback on www.nldap.com accounts might be the link labeled "Feedback" at the bottom of it's home page. AFAIK, the Novell test LDAP server has nothing to do with OpenLDAP.

Jon Roberts