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RE: Multiple syncrepl problems

--On Tuesday, January 11, 2005 10:29 AM -0700 Darren Gamble <darren.gamble@sjrb.ca> wrote:

OK, we can add the rootdn back in, then.  Last question, I think - should
a rootdn be defined on the provider, as well?  And it's unnecessary (and
possibly insecure) to supply a rootpw if the password is defined in the
data, correct?

Could both the Admin Guide and man pages both be corrected to reflect
these changes, please, if they will be permanent?  The slapd.conf man
page still says "It is recommended that the rootdn only be specified when
needed (such as when initially populating a database)", which I'm sure a
large number of other admins have tried to follow.


The rootdn does not need to exist as a valid entry in the database, and there is no need to define a password for it. I certainly don't. I don't see any security issue around simply defining what it is if nothing can use it (other than syncRepl).


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