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RE: Multiple syncrepl problems

Good day,

Thanks again for your reply.

> In 2.2.20 the consumer code was reorganized (to fix a variety 
> of other 
> bugs) and as a result of the shuffle, most operations are now 
> performed 
> with the rootdn alone. I suppose this must be considered a new bug in 
> 2.2.20. However, the fact remains that even in older 
> releases, you must 
> have a rootdn defined on the consumer database, because it is 
> needed for 
> internal maintenance.
> I'm inclined to remove the multiple-consumer-context support, as it 
> seems to be causing more hassles than it's worth. With that removed, 
> then only a rootdn would be needed and no updatedn at all.

OK, we can add the rootdn back in, then.  Last question, I think - should a
rootdn be defined on the provider, as well?  And it's unnecessary (and
possibly insecure) to supply a rootpw if the password is defined in the
data, correct?

Could both the Admin Guide and man pages both be corrected to reflect these
changes, please, if they will be permanent?  The slapd.conf man page still
says "It is recommended that the rootdn only be specified when needed (such
as when initially populating a database)", which I'm sure a large number of
other admins have tried to follow.


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