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Re[8]: openldap db wiped?

>> QGM> Well, "db_recover" is the command that is supposed to recover the
>> data from QGM> the log files and write it out to the DB.
>> QGM> I would try making sure slapd is stopped, and then running
>> "db_recover" QGM> twice in a row.  Sometimes it needs to recreate the DB
>> environment the QGM> first time it is run, before it'll do the rest of
>> the recover.
>> QGM> Again, to avoid getting into this situation in the future, I suggest
>> adding QGM> the "checkpoint" directive to your slapd.conf, which will
>> have OpenLDAP QGM> checkpoint the database on a periodic basis, rather
>> than just at shutdown QGM> time.
>> I will probably look like a dummy here but I can't understand one
>> thing: this "checkpoint" directive (I have it set for 5 minutes now):
>> will it write the data to disk every 5 minutes (and in case of crash,
>> I would have my data almost up-to-date)
>> or
>> will it NOT write the data to disk, but give me the ability to recover
>> it later with db_recover?

QGM> It is supposed to do a checkpoint of the DB, causing the data stored in the
QGM> log files to get written out to the *.bdb files in your DB directory.

And this means, that next time when I start and LDAP server, the data
would NOT be misssing (at least no more than last 5 min records)?

thank you so much for your answers