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Re: Re[4]: openldap db wiped?

--On Friday, January 07, 2005 9:56 AM +0200 Karolis Dautartas <list@public.lt> wrote:

QGM> Have you tried running "db_recover" (assuming you are using bdb)?

QGM> What version of OpenLDAP are you using?

QGM> Also, you probably want to use the "checkpoint" command in your
slapd.conf QGM> to force the database to checkpoint at times other than

I have tried it after you suggested: no help :)

QGM> You haven't answered the version question. ;)

Hey, I have no experience with openldap, so I did:

"strings log.0000000001" | more

and I see some pieces of the data that is missing. This gives me a
hope that I can still get those lost records ;)

Well, "db_recover" is the command that is supposed to recover the data from the log files and write it out to the DB.

I would try making sure slapd is stopped, and then running "db_recover" twice in a row. Sometimes it needs to recreate the DB environment the first time it is run, before it'll do the rest of the recover.

Again, to avoid getting into this situation in the future, I suggest adding the "checkpoint" directive to your slapd.conf, which will have OpenLDAP checkpoint the database on a periodic basis, rather than just at shutdown time.


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