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RE: Multiple syncrepl problems

Good day,

> I think your and Quanah's usage and bug reports have been 
> invaluable in 
> getting things stabilized here, but I personally would not be 
> comfortable using 2.2 syncrepl in production.

Thanks to everyone who replied on this subject.

We did try a 2.2.20 provider and a 2.2.20 consumer.  We had the same problem
(syncrepl did not work at all).  We filed a bug on that, as well as the
other parent/child problem.  Hopefully that helps.

One last question- if we decide to keep using OpenLDAP in production (and
work on fixing bugs as they come up), and we decide that LDAP Sync
replication is important, should we continue to use 2.2.X, or should we be
trying out the 2.3.X tree instead?

Thanks again,

Darren Gamble
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