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Re: SyncRepl - no write access

>>>>> "Pierangelo" == Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> writes:

    Pierangelo> attrs="* structuralObjectClass entryCSN OpenLDAPACI"

    Turbo> Well, putting that (exactly!) in my syncrepl statement, didn't
    Turbo> replicate ANY (almost) attributes to be replicated.

    Pierangelo> That was just a hint, totally untested :)

Well, looking through the code I see that if I remove the 'attrs' option
all togheter, it does:

                tmp[ n++ ] = ch_strdup( "*" );
                tmp[ n++ ] = ch_strdup( "+" );

So, in theory I should be able to put 'attrs="* +"'. That don't work
(bug!?)... Never mind. For me it works just fine to remove the option
all together (as recomend to me earlier).

Thanx for the help everyone, now everything seems to work. Time will
tell if it's more stable then slurpd :)