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Re: replica uri don't allow uri

Quoting Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu>:

> I believe slurpd predates ldapi.

Thought so, but I thought I could at least ask (and hint about a nice
feature that some nice soul could add :).

> If you are going to do ldaps:// you likely need to specify the port:
> ldaps://<hostname>:636

Yeah, but then it's a bug in the man page. It clearly (or did I forgot how
to read one - it was a while :).


For me that states that port (and the 's' in 'ldaps') is OPTIONAL, not
REQUIRED (as opposed to 'hostname' which is)...

>> The 'replog' file get's truncated, the 'slurpd.replog' increases (with
>> the content of 'replog' but no replication takes place...
> Of course, you could just use
> ldap://<host>
> and then use the starttls command for the replica statement to turn on
> TLS, and skip ldaps:// altogether.

Using a port value works (sorry for not TRYING this myself). PARTIALLY!
It replicated to two out of tree servers! No reject files, no notice of
failure. No nothing!

'Someone' please fix the man page. I'd send you a patch if I didn't think
it was overkill :)