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Re: Replication problem on 2 debian systems

> > here is the configuration of the master (only the important lines):]
> This:
> > binddn="cn=replicator,dc=torra,dc=de" credentials=<text-replaced>
> >
> > and here is the slave configuration (only the important lines):
> Doesn't match this:
> > updatedn  "cn=manager,dc=torra,dc=de"
> I suggest updating your "updatedn" to "cn=replicator,dc=torra,dc=de"

I thought replica-binddn is the slave access from the master (master's
slurpd can write data to the slave using "replicator" user at slave;
"replicator" is a special entry in the slave that can access all to write).
The updatedn is the master access from the slave (slave's slapd redirects
write issues to the master using "manager" user at master; "manager" is
the rootdn at the master that can access all to write).

Is there a misunderstanding at my side!? I'm new to replication, sorry!

Thanks for help!!!