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Replication problem on 2 debian systems


I'm now trying for days to get my replication working but I have no success.
The software on both machines is uptodate.
slurpd on my master copies the replog data from the replog-directory
to its working directory /var/spool/... but then nothing happens!
Running slurpd in debug mode does not show any error. Its just saying that
it will replicate after it opened connection to the slave.
The slave server debug shows the connection but then nothing will happen
too. I'm able to send a command to the slave that will forward it to the
via updatedn but the slave will not make the change.
I've already tested to set the access list on the slave server to "* by *
write" but
with no change.
Now I have no more ideas because I've already had problems to get it run
with 2 fedora installations. There the replication worked but the replog
was growing until the master crashed.
The both machines are a little bit old - a P-II/300MHz and a P-Pro/200MHz
system - but that should not be a problem, or am I wrong?
I hope somebody has a idea what could be the problem!
Thank you!

Marjan Knauer