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Re: Installing openldap 2.2.19 on RHEL 3

Quanah Gibson-Mount:

>> Quanah's patches cause my Openldap to SIGSEGV; Quanah's patches are for
>>  Quanah's system.
> Um, which patches cause it to do that?  None of them should do so...


Actually, I think there's something wrong with this test system (Red Hat
RHAS3). It's an IBM T23 Thinkpad notebook, 512MB+512MB RAM and is what I
try everything out on for extended periods before putting stuff onto
production rigs, and is consequently subject to relatively frequent
reboots. Suddenly one day, after working perfectly for months, the
built-in Openldap SASL digest-md5 mech caused it to SIGSEGV and even an
ltrace on the process (not strace) causes it to do the same. I haven't
found out why, I'm beginning to suspect hardware but haven't tested that
yet (remove the 512MB RAM upgrade).


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