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Re: Installing openldap 2.2.19 on RHEL 3

Craig White:


> It appears that on RHEL 3 - bash shell searches /usr/local/bin
> before /usr/bin etc. but man pages search /usr/share/man before
> /usr/local/share/man etc. A simple adjustment of /etc/man.config
> seems to handle the search order.

So I use Korn shell (which I do). Which has another PATH environment. The
problem is, that there are conflicting software versions on your system,
each of which can be invoked because you have not excluded the incorrect

> I haven't removed or relinked anything and I'm not convinced that I need
> to.

Then your HOWTO will perish miserably, as do most HOWTOs. You have to
cover  each and every eventuality in any HOWTO, which is why I hate and
despise any HOWTO, from anyone.

Quanah's patches cause my Openldap to SIGSEGV; Quanah's patches are for
Quanah's system.

> At present, I am going to try it this way until I see a problem just to
> minimize interference. I do know that by leaving openldap-server.rpm in
> place, I was able to switch back and forth between 2.0.27 and 2.2.19
> simply by commands... service ldap-new stop service ldap start and vice
> versa
> And I am fearful of doing anything with /etc/ld.so.conf or ldconfig
> since I clearly don't know what I am doing there.

Please find out! It really is essential for most peoples' RHEL/RHAS3

As for up2date, does White Hat have it? Run it and see what happens, as
your server blows up. I've seen it happen with Red Hat, and now know how
to avoid it ;)


mail: tonye@billy.demon.nl

mail: tonye@billy.demon.nl