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Re: Installing openldap 2.2.19 on RHEL 3

On Sat, 2005-01-01 at 20:16 +0100, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Craig White:
> [...]
> > It appears that on RHEL 3 - bash shell searches /usr/local/bin
> > before /usr/bin etc. but man pages search /usr/share/man before
> > /usr/local/share/man etc. A simple adjustment of /etc/man.config
> > seems to handle the search order.
> So I use Korn shell (which I do). Which has another PATH environment. The
> problem is, that there are conflicting software versions on your system,
> each of which can be invoked because you have not excluded the incorrect
> version.
very much understood - this is on the server box in my house to play
with and another server - yet to go live. Still evaluating.

I mentioned bash shell cuz that is what I use. I certainly recognize
that other shells will PATH differently.
> > I haven't removed or relinked anything and I'm not convinced that I need
> > to.
> Then your HOWTO will perish miserably, as do most HOWTOs. You have to
> cover  each and every eventuality in any HOWTO, which is why I hate and
> despise any HOWTO, from anyone.
given my lack of knowledge, any how-to written by me is a dangerous
thing. I suppose I cannot stress YMMV enough
> Quanah's patches cause my Openldap to SIGSEGV; Quanah's patches are for
> Quanah's system.
don't know about this but I was hung out like laundry when I tried to
add a child entry for an ou=Address Book to my uid  -  I was logging at
256 level so nothing was visible after reboot. I was using phpldapadmin
crutch at the time so no real feedback but I had to dump my db and
slapadd reload. Whether this was caused by Quanah patches or my use of
2.2.19 vs. stable or whatever I haven't a clue but am preparing to try
this again, probably with ldapadd ;-)
> > At present, I am going to try it this way until I see a problem just to
> > minimize interference. I do know that by leaving openldap-server.rpm in
> > place, I was able to switch back and forth between 2.0.27 and 2.2.19
> > simply by commands... service ldap-new stop service ldap start and vice
> > versa
> >
> > And I am fearful of doing anything with /etc/ld.so.conf or ldconfig
> > since I clearly don't know what I am doing there.
> Please find out! It really is essential for most peoples' RHEL/RHAS3
> installations.
I'm over my head here - I feel like I am the dumbest kid on this block.
> As for up2date, does White Hat have it? Run it and see what happens, as
> your server blows up. I've seen it happen with Red Hat, and now know how
> to avoid it ;)
up2date / yum are supported, yum is recommended.