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Re: Lists of schema

Jon Roberts wrote:
ML wrote:

Someone could tell me where I can find all the schema registered in the

There are two problems with this question. First, registered with who? If you find out, let me know and I'll register mine. AFAIK, nothing like a central schema repository exists, although it would be nice. The second problem is that this question isn't specific to OpenLDAP. Far be it from me to tell you that, but somebody else might ;)

Jon Roberts

I think it's possible to find them all, but perhaps not in a finite amount of time. You could browse the IANA OID tree and check each branch on the tree to see if it's a schema entry (the two non-trivial parts are that that OID tree isn't particularly bounded (though in practice it probably is) and that if an OID has been registered to an organization they won't necessarily have published each of the entries they've created (almost certainly they won't all be LDAP schema definitions at the end of the branches, i think you'll find lots of SNMP (and tons of other things probably) in your search).

	good luck,

oh, and i know this isn't particularly OpenLDAP related, but it seems close enough for me (and maybe the grinch is sleeping off his x-mas meal :-] )