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Re: Configuration help

At 06:33 AM 12/10/2004, Sasa Stupar wrote:

>I am new to LDAP. I have read all the info on the net about setting and
>configuring it up and the server is up and running but I can't connect
>to it as admin user.

Have you read the OpenLDAP Admin Guide?  Are you following it?
In particular, did you try following the Quick Start Guide?

>Here is what I get from the command
>#ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' namingContexts:
># extended LDIF
># LDAPv3
># base <> with scope base
># filter: (objectclass=*)
># requesting: namingContexts
>namingContexts: dc=xmail,dc=homelinux,dc=net
># search result
>search: 2
>result: 0 Success
># numResponses: 2
># numEntries: 1
>I want to use LDAP as address book but when I try to connect as admin I
>get error 34 - wrong dn but I put it as it should be. To connect I use
>LDAP Browser.

How to use LDAP Browsers is a topic for another list
(one specific to the browser you are using).

I suggest you first learn how to use OpenLDAP-provided LDAP
clients, such as ldapsearch(1).  Then you should be able
to easily translate your gained knowledge to non-OpenLDAP
clients, such as whatever LDAP Browser you intend to use,
on your own (or with the assistance of those supporting
that software).