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Re: OpenLDAP upgrade cycle

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Matthew J. Smith wanted us to know:

>I have noticed, in my short time on this list, that the upgrade cycle
>for OpenLDAP seems to be very short.  I initially installed 2.2.6,
>because that is the only RPM available for my SuSE distro.  Then, on
>advice from this list, I compiled my own 2.2.15.  Shortly after, 2.2.17
>was released, and now 2.2.19 is available.  So, a few questions:

Also keep in mind that due to dependency checking, rpm based distros
don't normally kick up version numbers of apps.  They usually only
backport security fixes and in a few specialized cases, critical
bugfixes.  So take a look at the changelog of that rpm, some of those
memory leak bugfixes may have been backported.

The methods described for the Stanford system are quite nice.  I think
it's a well thought out system and a well thought out process.
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