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Re: Limits in ldapsearch

--On Thursday, December 02, 2004 5:31 PM +0200 Ian Barnes <ianb@opteqint.net> wrote:

Is there some way that I can get around this? I am running openldap 1.2.
Would it help if I upgraded to a later version? The reason I ask first it
because to upgrade will mean having to roll out new version to about 100
machines which I dont want to do unless its really necissary.

Wow, OpenLDAP 1.2? I doubt anyone here is going to be able to be of much help with something that ancient. You may look at the man page for slapd.conf if it exists for that version, and see if you can change the sizelimit on the server side -- Basically, the server can enforce a sizelimit regardless of what the client asks for.

I'm not clear why an infrastructure would require 100 directory servers (unless maybe it is globally distributed?), that seems a little odd. Client software on the system (like ldapsearch) I would hope would still work against a newer version of OpenLDAP (as long as V2 binds were allowed in the configuration file).


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