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OpenLDAP upgrade cycle

I have noticed, in my short time on this list, that the upgrade cycle
for OpenLDAP seems to be very short.  I initially installed 2.2.6,
because that is the only RPM available for my SuSE distro.  Then, on
advice from this list, I compiled my own 2.2.15.  Shortly after, 2.2.17
was released, and now 2.2.19 is available.  So, a few questions:

*  Are most of you scheduling frequent maintenance windows to stay
*  Is there a version of the OpenLDAP 2.x series that is "stable enough"
and secure, perhaps at the expense of new features, that I can rely on,
without having to upgrade for a while?
*  When I do need to upgrade, can I do "rolling upgrades" (upgrade one
instance at a time), or do all instances in my (SyncRepl) replication
grid need to be upgraded at the same time?

Thanks all,
Matthew J. Smith <matt.smith@uconn.edu>
University of Connecticut ITS
PGP Key: http://web.uconn.edu/dotmatt/matt.asc

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