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Re: Openldap and multiples DNS updates (multimaster)

>> At this point, it's really important to me to know if someone have an
>> experience with multimaster support in a production environment, and if
>> the
> My understanding is that multi-master does not work.

Unless anything broke recently, multimaster works from a code standpoint. 
It's the design that's inherently broken, so it shouldn't be used at all. 
I recently played with a simple setup for what was termed "federated"

You can find some example stuff here

There's no guarantee that it still works, though.  In that example, the
multimaster feature is used for something else, but you can follow it as a
guideline to setting things up.

Note that the example does not implement a multimaster system.  Each DSA
is simultaneously master and slave, but each DSA is master of its portion
of the tree, and slave for the rest.  So, DSAs are not equivalent,
interchangeable, and do not guarantee any failover write capability.


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