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Re: Openldap and multiples DNS updates (multimaster)

Fabiano Felix <felix@getnet.com.br> writes:

> Hi Stefan,

> At this point, it's really important to me to know if someone have an
> experience with multimaster support in a production environment, and
> if the BIND with LDAP patch support DDNS updates (to integrate with
> DHCP using the same model when DNS have local files).

Could you please  a bit more specific about your request for
multimaster support?

With regard to BIND-9.3, LDAP and DDNS by DHCP the answer ist 'NO'
unless you extend DHCP. But that might change within a few month :-)

> If we view a positive way to test it, I'll build a laboratory with
> this setup, and I can send to all the results of this test..

Test BIND with ldapdb patch as ist is now and hang on for a few month.


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