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Re: OpenLDAP Metadirectory building problems

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

From your log I note that rewriting occurs as intended; an entry is
returned, but the remapped attributes are not present. This occurs
because of a side-effect of the rwm overlay I overlooked: the attributes
you map MUST be defined in the local schema as well to allow back-ldap to
get them. This requirement, however, is not enforced when configuring the
overlay, only a warning is issued (you can see it at the beginning of your
log). The correct way to make it work is to add a specification for the
mapped attributes; all that counts is their syntax. So, for example, copy
the attributeType stuff for the local attribute, use an OID of your own if
you don't know the original one, and everything should work as expected. Note that you can get the right specification by qerying the cn=subschema
of the remote server.

I've fixed the problem in HEAD; now undefined attributes/objectClasses, if used for the remote side, are mapped as expected. A warning is still issued and I don't intend to remove it since the preferred way of using the mapping feature is to define the remote items also locally.


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