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Does OpenLDAP support Change Tracking/UniqueObjectIds/Zombie entries?


I have a couple of questions:

1) I'm unable to find information as to whether OpenLDAP supports LCUP
(LDAP Client Update Protocol) yet. There was talk of this feature in
the archives around 2002, but nothing since then. Could anyone tell me
the latest status?

2) I'm trying to develop an application that needs a change tracking
feature in OpenLDAP ... what are my options?

3) Does openLDAP have any "object Id" attribute that can be used to
uniquely identify an object irrespective of its DN? For instance, if
an object moves from one place to another, is there any id field that
can be used to locate it? (Active Directory for instance has an
objectGUID attribute for this purpose).

4) Does openLDAP support "zombie/ghost" entry concept when an entry
gets deleted?