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Re: Does OpenLDAP support Change Tracking/UniqueObjectIds/Zombie entries?

At 11:12 AM 11/15/2004, Ali Safdar Kureishy wrote:
>1) I'm unable to find information as to whether OpenLDAP supports LCUP
>(LDAP Client Update Protocol) yet. There was talk of this feature in
>the archives around 2002, but nothing since then. Could anyone tell me
>the latest status?

I consider RFC 3928 still born.

>2) I'm trying to develop an application that needs a change tracking
>feature in OpenLDAP ... what are my options?

Well, I don't see LCUP as being a "change tracking feature".
It was designed as an content synchronization protocol.

OpenLDAP Software support the LDAP Sync operation

>3) Does openLDAP have any "object Id" attribute that can be used to
>uniquely identify an object irrespective of its DN? For instance, if
>an object moves from one place to another, is there any id field that
>can be used to locate it? (Active Directory for instance has an
>objectGUID attribute for this purpose).

See entryUUID (draft-zeilenga-ldap-uuid).

>4) Does openLDAP support "zombie/ghost" entry concept when an entry
>gets deleted?