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Re: Adding jnditutorial object to java.schema.

--On Sunday, November 14, 2004 3:57 PM +0200 Bill and Calanite Logan <calnbill@netvision.net.il> wrote:


I am going through the jnditutorial using openldap. I am actually not
getting far with it and have to keep coming back to this list.

I am not adding the jnditutorial object required by the tutorial ldif
file in the correct way. Here is how I did it: in the java.schema file I

I'm not sure why you need to add anything schema or LDAP wise to use JNDI (I've never read the JDNI tutorial you refer to, so I'm not clear what your goals are.

One of the JNDI programmers @ Stanford has put up a basic page on using JNDI with LDAP for general purposes, if all you are trying to do is connect to an OpenLDAP server via JNDI. It does have some specificity around Kerberos & GSSAPI, but the general ideas should apply to other access methods.


You don't say what version of OpenLDAP you are attempting to use, which would be helpful information.


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