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Re: TLS fails to bind (Please help)

> I've been trying to get this working for days now. I've searched high
> and low and read a lot of manuals. I have LDAP working on port 389 and
> can use ldapsearch w/o trouble as long as I start slapd on port 389
> only . Now I want TLS to work, but I when I start slapd, I see that it
> fails to bind on port 636.

So what did you waste all that time for reading so much?  TLS has nothing
to do with port 636.

> netstat -l shows that slapd is listening on
> that port and also on port 389. I also noticed that slapd calls
> ldap_sasl_bind although I compiled openldap w/o sasl support, twice.

ldap_sasl_bind has little to do with sasl; it's the main entrance to bind,
regardless of the auth type (one of the parameters is in fact the type of
auth one is requesting).


Pierangelo Masarati

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