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Re: proxycache with error 'no objectClass attribute'

> Hi:
>>The proxy only caches the attributes listed in the template by design.
>> The
>>details are described in this paper (although it essentially describes
>> the
>>initial implementation as an add-on to back-meta, while now it's
>>implemented as an overlay.
> Thanks a lot.
> BTW, how do I get the cache hit/miss rate about proxy cache? Is there
> anything like backend monitor


> or the only way is to parse slapd log by
> myself?


There might be in the future something like a back-monitor entry.  In
fact, the back-monitor in HEAD has been made overlay-aware, and I intend
to develop an API that allows (at least) backends, databases and overlays,
and in general those entitities that are monitored, to publish and update
specific entries.

But this is off-topic here, it pertains more to the -devel list.


Pierangelo Masarati

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