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Re: Schema Design Question

Your questions regarding "schema design" are more appropriately
discussed in a general LDAP forum such as <ldap@umich.edu>,
or in forums about the kinds of applications you intend your
directory to support.  I note the OpenLDAP General LDAP FAQ
offers some information which might be generally useful here.
If others have more specific "help" they would like to offer,
please provide it off list. 


At 07:54 AM 10/29/2004, aj.mccartan@phoenix.gov wrote:
>I was glad to see an earlier post requesting help in the early stages of 
>designing a directory.  I am at a similar stage and am looking for help on 
>designing schema extensions for a "citizen" oriented model.   I work for 
>city government and am looking to provide a directory that can be used for 
>organizing contact information for citizens.  Has anyone seen any 
>published design work in this area?  The EduPerson Object Class 
>specification (university - student) is akin to something I would want in 
>my (government - citizen) model.
>The main goal now is contact information not user-authentication (maybe 
>down the road).  The standard LDAP schema *implies* some sort of umbrella 
>organization (typically a company).  But I am sure "city" "citizen" could 
>be analogous organizations.  But the place where I need help is when it 
>comes to defining additional attributes such as "District" and 
>"communityrole" (councilman, blockwatch leader....). 
>any help would be greatly appreciated