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Schema Design Question

I was glad to see an earlier post requesting help in the early stages of 
designing a directory.  I am at a similar stage and am looking for help on 
designing schema extensions for a "citizen" oriented model.   I work for 
city government and am looking to provide a directory that can be used for 
organizing contact information for citizens.  Has anyone seen any 
published design work in this area?  The EduPerson Object Class 
specification (university - student) is akin to something I would want in 
my (government - citizen) model.

The main goal now is contact information not user-authentication (maybe 
down the road).  The standard LDAP schema *implies* some sort of umbrella 
organization (typically a company).  But I am sure "city" "citizen" could 
be analogous organizations.  But the place where I need help is when it 
comes to defining additional attributes such as "District" and 
"communityrole" (councilman, blockwatch leader....). 

any help would be greatly appreciated