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Re: Evolution icsCalendar schema

At 02:59 AM 10/29/2004, Daniel van Eeden wrote:
>Evolution 2.x searches for the icsCalendar attribute. I do have the
>'normal' evolution schema, so everything else works. Google tells me
>that ics stands for iPlanet Calendar Server.
>Where do I find a suitable schema file for OpenLDAP 2.2?

If one is available on the Internet, you should be able
to locate it by searching for the attribute type's name
icsCalendar the slapd.conf(5) directive that would be used
configure slapd(8).  e.g., attributetype icsCalendar

For instance: http://www.google.com/search?q=attributetype+icsCalendar
That came up empty.  You might try other search engines.

Failing to find one, you'll need to create your own
slapd.conf(5) schema file.  slapd.conf(5) provides
details on the information needed (and the form used
to present that information).  The admin guide might
be useful here as well.