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Re: Update: replog not created anymore ...

However, in reading the man page for slapd.conf, "replogfile" is not a per-db directive (at least not according to the 2.2.17 manpage), which means that it shouldn't matter where in the configuration file the "replogfile" statement is put, which sounds like a bug to me. Either the documentation is wrong, or slapd isn't behaving correctly.


Hm, in my copy of the 2.2 manpage, replogfile is listed in the General Database Options section, not the Global Configuration Options section. That means it is indeed database-specific (but independent of database type), and its position in the conf file is significant.

I agree with Kurt, there isn't enough context provided to see where the real problems are, but it is doubtless an error in the config file.

You are indeed right!

I had not read enough configuration documentation to see that each 'database xxxx' line starts a new configuration section. So it now seems logical that replication was broken after I inserted the line 'database monitor' above it. Sorry for that, should have read better before posting to the list .... newbie error :)

But it should not have been killing my slave after putting it after the replication directives .. actually, I believe that it is a perfectly good position for its inclusion ?